Return of the Otters

By King Taddle

Humans do make such terrible messes sometimes. This cannot be denied. We all heard about the terrible oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, the dreadful situation in Chernobyl, and the thing that the humans call the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. It really makes me wonder why we let them look after the planet sometimes.

However, sometimes humans realise they have made a mess and they fix it up. As you know, otters are very fastidious animals and don’t like it when things get messy and untidy. Some humans in England seem to understand that now, and they have been working to make things nicer again. During the week I heard that, as a result of this work, otters have returned to every English county. This is fantastic news for everyone, and every human who helped to make this happen should feel very proud of him- or herself.

I call on all my readers (including the humans who read this) to do what they can to keep the planet clean and tidy, so that everyone can share it, no matter what species they are. Nobody would leave their dirty towels on the bathroom floor for weeks on end, and you should look after the outside as much as you look after the inside.