A Perfectly Ordinary Day

By King Taddle

Candle in the Window: Photo: Chris CampbellFriday was a perfectly normal day for me. I woke up, I put my crown on, I got out of bed, I got dressed I had my breakfast, and after doing some work  I went out for a walk at lunchtime. As I walked through Taddletown I met people, said hello to all my old friends and all my new friends, and generally had a pleasant social experience. When I got to the park, I watched all the kittens playing. As you would expect, all the kittens were playing together. Nobody cared who was a cat, or who was a dog, or who was a badger.*

It made me so happy.

Why would something so ordinary make me happy? Friday was an ordinary day in Taddletown, but it wasn’t an ordinary day for the humans. Friday was the humans’ Holocaust Memorial Day. Humans, as you know, don’t always get on the way Taddletowners do. Sometimes they do the most frightful things to each other just because one human is different from another. On Holocaust Memorial Day the humans remember all the times when humans have been killed for being different, and they promise to do their best to stop such things ever happening again.

Some of our best friends are humans, and that is why, just after breakfast, I did something I don’t normally do. I lit a candle in the entrance hall of the Castle. That candle was to remind me that it was Holocaust Memorial Day. As I walked through Taddletown I was very pleased to see that many people had put candles in their windows too. Let us all hope that one day humans will learn to be like us, and dreadful things like killing someone just because they are different never happen again.

* Human editors note: In Taddletown, “kitten” means “young animal of any type”. Taddletowners talk about kitten dogs and kitten humans in much the same way as we would say baby dog or baby.