World AIDS Day

By a Taddlegraph Staff Writer

Events to mark World AIDS Day are being held throughout Taddletown today. On world AIDS day, we think about all the cats who are living with the Feline Immuniodeficiency Virus (FIV) and all the humans who are living with the human equivalent, Human Immuniodeficiency Virus (HIV).

At a breakfast reception held in Taddletown Castle this morning at 8 a.m., King Taddle handed out red ribbons for everyone to wear. “The red ribbon is a symbol of solidarity of people living with HIV and FIV,” he said. “By wearing this ribbon you are showing everyone that you care, and reminding those of us that are living with FIV or HIV that you are not alone.”

Speaking about World AIDS Day, Peter Gillies, the head of the Taddletown FIV Association said “Even though great strides have been made in treating FIV, it is still an issue that affects many cats and kittens throughout Taddletown. Treatment with appropriate pills and foaming potion can keep the infection under control but not yet cure it. All the events of World AIDS Day help us to remember that there are people living with this virus every day of their lives. There are many many humans who live with HIV too. We won’t forget any of them.”

This reporter is not afraid to admit he will be wearing a red ribbon on his lapel all day.