Tinsel Box Grand Opening

By a Taddlegraph Staff Writer

Although Taddletown is lucky to have many theatres, libraries, art galleries, museums, cafes, restaurants and milk bars, it does not have a night club. That is it did not have a night club until Tinsel Box opened it’s its doors with great ceremony last night.

A night club is a place to go in the late evening if you want to go dancing, perhaps after seeing a play or having a nice meal, or maybe as somewhere to unwind after a long day at work or study. We spoke to one kitten as he queued outside Tinsel Box.

“I’m so excited. I love dancing at night, and up until now I’ve had to slip out of Taddletown to join the humans in their night clubs, but it is sometimes difficult to find other cats to dance with there.” Oliver Twinkie, excited kitten

Other Taddletowners were also pleased to hear of Tinsel Box.

“I’m looking forward to going after I finish work tonight” – Harvey, Proprietor of Harvey’s Milk Bar

This reporter is not afraid to admit that he visited Tinsel Box, and had a really fantastic time, although he is rather exhausted by the experience, and thinks the whole thing can be bessed summed up by Mr Twinkie’s words as he left the club.

“There were sparkles, and dancing. But mostly sparkles. And mostly dancing! Big fish, little fish, TINSEL BOX”.