Human Rioting

By King Tadle

Some humans have been behaving very badly this week. In various places, like London, Birmingham, and Liverpool angry humans have been forming big groups and running around smashing things and hurting other people. As if that wasn’t bad enough, other humans have been taking advantage of the confusion to steal things, like televisions and mobile phones, from some of the damaged shops.

I’m almost left speechless by all this. Sometimes (but only sometimes) humans have good reason to have vigorous protests and riots – usually when there is one group of very silly humans that needs to be told to be less silly. But there is never, never ever, an excuse for theft. Maybe you have been hurt or harmed, so you and your friends have a vigorous protest, but there is never any excuse to steal something like a television.

I can report some human sensibleness though.  A lot of sensible humans got together to clean up after the human riots. These humans are to be praised, and deserve a lot of purrs from us all.