A Penguin on the Giant’s Causeway


Ever wishing to expand my horizons, I decided to visit the Giant’s Causeway, on the north coast of Northern Ireland, so I packed my fish paste sandwiches into my backpack and set out. My first port of call was the new visitors centre, which apparently took a very long time to build (for reasons that I can’t understand). The visitors centre had an exhibition that explained a lot of the history of the Giant’s Causeway, including several theories about how it was formed. I was disappointed to see that there was no reference made to the story about Neep (the god of sleep in Penguinian legend) made the Causeway out of Lego. Although I don’t believe it, for balance the information should have been presented.

After the visitors centre, I walked down a path and past some funny hexagonal rocks. They looked quite comfortable, so I positioned myself on them and ate the aforementioned sandwiches. Then I got a bit carried away with myself and spent a few hours pretending I was Q*bert. It was starting to get late,  so I asked a passer by where the Giant’s Causeway was. I must admit I’m getting really tired of humans who are surprised when I ask them questions.

Eventually I realised that the hexagonal rocks were the Giant’s Causeway. I was a bit disappointed. I was expecting something more giant. They were quite interesting though, and it was fun pretending to be Q*bert.

In conclusion I can say the Giant’s Causeway is worth seeing, but not worth going to see.