On Diversity

I love Nyan Cat

Day. It’s not just because Nyan Cat himself is such a lovely chap, but it is because of what it represents. You see Nyan Cat’s rainbow and the rainbow flags we all wave aren’t just about cheerful colours (although they are cheerful) and the celebration isn’t just about having a great time (although we all do have a great time).

The rainbow represents diversity, and Taddletown is such a diverse place. We have cats and dogs and bunnies, and hedgehogs, and mice, and foxes, and a tiger, and all sorts of others living here, and we just all get along. Nobody says they don’t want a badger as a neighbour, and nobody ever lost their job because they were a giraffe.

My friends, we should never forget how remarkable this is. Humans, in all their sillinesses, never seem to get this right. They seem to waste so much time fighting with each other, instead of celebrating their differences (although many humans are learning).

Every colour has a place on the rainbow flag, just as everyone has a place in Taddletown. Long may that continue.