Man Saves Dog

By King Taddle

A human, Chris Babbs, from Rochdale was heroic this week. One of his dogs, Oscar, fell off a cliff in North Yorkshire, and his human clambered (or possibly fell in a somewhat controlled fashion) down the 200 foot drop to rescue him. Then, rather unfortunately, both the man and his dog were stuck at the bottom of the cliff and could not get back up. Even more unfortunately, they were both injured, and Chris was actually knocked unconscious by his fall. Chris’ wife, Sue, who was still at the top of the cliff with their other dogs, heard Oscar barking to summon help.

Help came in the form of more humans, an RAF rescue team, who brought a helicopter to rescue the man and the dog, who were both flown to safety – the man to a hospital, the dog to a vet.

We are pleased to be able to say that although Chris was badly injured, his injuries are not life-threatening. Oscar’s injuries are also not too serious.

We applaud Chris for his actions in saving his dog, and we also applaud all the people from the RAF who rescued both of them, and the many people who have been looking after them since their accident. It is lovely to see a human that cares so much about his dog.

This story should serve as a warning, though, for everyone to be careful around cliffs. Even though both Chris and Oscar will get better, they could have been killed, and we are sure that all of their loved ones have been through a lot of worry about this.