A Salute to Nurses

By King Taddle

And again I have some good news of human sensibleness for you all! Last Thursday was the humans’ International Nurses Day, a celebration of the contribution nurses make to human society.

Nurses are an essential part of life. Why? Because they look after us when we are ill. One friend of mine recently had an injury on his leg, and he needed the dressing changed every day. Naturally, my friend was polite and friendly to the nurses who looked after him, but sadly I’m told that is not always the case. Many nurses have experienced patients who are rude to them.

Other people think that nurses are just people who are there to change the sheets on patients beds. Nothing could be further from the truth. Nurses are as important a part of healthcare as doctors are. Anyone who has been looked after by a nurse can attest to this.

This is why International Nurses Day is a good thing. It reminds humans how important nurses are, and it reminds nurses that the humans – and the Taddletowners – do appreciate them!