Human Civil Partnerships: A Step Towards Sensibleness

By King Taddle

Yesterday I was among the small group of Taddletowners that had the honour and privilege of attending Andrew and Michael’s civil partnership ceremony in the Belfast City Hall. Even though it was small, it was great fun. As is normal for small human events, we were there somewhat incognito, so I only wore the Lesser Crown of Taddleonia. (Don’t worry, I will be wearing the Grand State Crown today.)

I have previously commented how silly it is that some humans have to split their marriage arrangements over two days, as Andrew and Michael have had to. Sometimes, however, we need to look at how things have changed, not just how things are. Humans may not yet have cat-levels of sensibleness, but they are improving.

Andrew and Michael love each other, but before 2005 they could not have got married at all, even if they spent three days doing it. If we look further into the past, there was a time when Andrew and Michael could have got into a great deal of trouble for admitting that they loved each other.

Andrew and Michael live in a country where they can get married, but in some countries they could not. Worse still, there are still some counties where they could still get in trouble just for being in love with each other.

Yes, here we have more human silliness. Why should anyone ever get into trouble for loving someone? Sometimes it seems that humans want to make life less pleasant for each other.

That is why it is a good thing that humans have civil partnerships. It may not be as good as just allowing everyone to get married, but it is a step in the right direction. As cats, we should all be encouraging our humans to be more sensible, and just because they can’t be completely sensible is not a reason to be partly sensible.

I hope to see as many as possible of you at the parties this afternoon.