Many Birthdays

By a Taddlegraph Staff Writer

Yesterday saw a grand celebration in the Great Hall in Taddletown Castle. There were a lot of birthdays this week, so King Taddle decided to hold a big birthday party for everyone.

“I was going through the Grand Ledger to see who had birthdays, so I could send them birthday cards,” said King Taddle. “I noticed there were a lot of birthdays this week, so I thought why not invite all those Taddletowners up here for a party? Then I thought why not invite everyone up here for a party, so nobody is left out? And, well, here we are.”

The birthday cake had three hundred and seventeen candles on it. I spoke to the baker, Mr W. Cake, a marmalade tabby cat: “It wasn’t that everyone’s ages added up to that, it’s just that we ran out of space on the cake for more candles.”

As well as the birthday cake, there was all kinds of food, and the entertainment consisted of singing, dancing, and party games. There was also a magician who produced a rabbit from his hat.

This reporter is not afraid to admit he really enjoyed singing Happy Birthday seventeen times.

“This was fun. I like living in Taddletown” – Diesel, a newly-arrived boxer

“It was nice seeing some healthy options in the party food! I loved the carrot cake!” Bunny Y’Fule, enthusiastic rabbit and co-opted magicians assistant