Dog’s Life Exhibition Opens

By a Taddlegraph Staff Writer

Today saw the opening of a new exhibition at the Taddletown Museum of Modern Art, called “It’s a Dog’s Life”, featuring a selection of paintings and sculptures by dog artists. The exhibition was opened by His Worship, Mayor Morris, who was given a guided tour by the curator of the exhibition, Antony Growley a dachshund who has been working as a sculptor for several years now.

As well as new sculptures by Growley, the exhibition featured beautiful flower paintings by Rosie and Luka Walker, some landscapes by Frank the chiwawa, and some abstract art by Alison Alsatian that she said represented her puppies.

This reporter is not afraid to admit he bought a poster in the museum shop and will be getting it framed to hang in his living room.

“I don’t know about art, but I know what I like, and I like these flower pictures” – Timothy, a dapper black and white cat

“It’s not really abstract art. I just didn’t have time to paint properly with the puppies running round the house all the time.” – Alison Alsatian, harassed mother.