Ambassador Gets Married

By a Taddlegraph Staff Writer

Today in Taddletown we celebrate the marriage of our Ambassador to the Humans, Andrew McFarland, to his fiancé, Michael Carchrie Campbell.

Yesterday at lunchtime, Andrew and Michael had a civil partnership at the City Hall in Belfast, where they both live. King Taddle, who was present at the service, said he was very pleased with the whole thing, and  remarked that “Andrew hardly cried at all”.  Taddletown marked the occasion with a small concert at the Bandstand in the Park, where the orchestra played Appalachian Spring, and a choir of kittens sang You Can’t Always Get What You Want, as made famous on Glee. In the evening, we had some fireworks.

Today, at 1PM, they will get married in their church, followed by a small reception in the church hall afterwards. Many Taddletowners have been invited, including His Worship the Mayor, Morris Morys, Alison Brooke, Ruth d’Baby, and of course Maudie and Mottle Furry. The whole service will be shown on Taddlevision 1, and will also be displayed on big screens in the Park. Immediately following the service, our celebrations will begin, with official parties in the Town Hall, Taddletown Castle, and Maudie Manor. We have reports that there will also be many many street parties, to which everyone will be welcome. There will be more fireworks at around 10PM, and rumour has it that Tinsel Box will be open for anyone with enough energy to keep going.

Everyone is really excited about this, and after the dress rehearsal last week, we are sure all the celebrations will go with a bang. Maudie Furry, celebration coordinator.

I will be wearing a kilt. I have decided. Mottle Furry, excited Taddletowner

This reporter is not afraid to admit that he is really looking forward to the celebrations (especially if there is another huge lemon meringue pie) and joins with everyone in Taddletown in wishing Andrew and Michael a long and happy life together.