Weight Loss Advice

Dear Nurse Ruth

I am worried about my brother, M. He is very fond of chocolate cake, lemon meringue pie, and all sorts of biscuits. He also likes fizzy drinks. He is getting quite rotund, and I suggested that he joins me at the gym, and tries to eat a bit more healthily. He doesn’t seem to keen on the idea.

Can you help?


Dear B,

First of all, see if you can get him to take the diet versions of fizzy drinks. This can make a big difference. To get him to exercise more, I suggest you purchase a Stairmaster and put a chocolate cake at the top. A Stairmaster is like a small escalator, except it moves down as fast as you climb up it. This means you spend a lot of time climbing stairs but you never get to the top. With any luck he will burn more calories getting to the chocolate cake than he will get from eating it.