A Penguin in Perth

By Chilly Manchot, our travel correspondent

Continuing my series of visits to major world cities, this week I decided to dust off my hat with the corks dangling from the brim and visit the city of Perth in Australia. As that would take a very long time to fly to, I got special permission to use a Taddletown Portal to take me straight there.

The first thing I noticed was it was colder than I was expecting. This wasn’t a problem – I’m a penguin, I can cope with the cold – but it did surprise me. Then I remembered Australia is in the southern hemisphere, so it is winter there when it is summer in Taddletown. It was quite warm for a winter day.

To help me understand the city I was visiting, my first stop was the Perth Museum and Art Gallery, which was an enjoyable experience, even though it seemed to have a very large exhibition about Scotland and very little about Australia.

Soon my tummy started rumbling and I made my way to a lovely café called Scone Abbey. They were out of scones when I got there, but some friendly people were able to get me some sandwiches.

After lunch I followed my beak and went for a walk around Perth to see what I could see. I eventually found a lovely museum called Balhousie Castle where I found a somewhat familiar tartan on display.

I rounded off my day with some shopping, and brought some genuine Australian shortbread home to my friends and family.