A Penguin in Eindhoven

This man owns a lot of Eindhoven

By Chilly Manchot, our travel correspondent

“Chilly,” my editor said to me, “would you like to take a short trip to the continent?”

“Well, what penguin wouldn’t?” I replied, and so I packed my suitcase and was off on my adventures again, this time I was heading to the Netherlands.

I arrived in Amsterdam, which is a city with a reputation. Being brave, and wanting to tell the truth about the city, I decided to explore it. Not everything you have heard is true, dear reader. While they do have many tulips, the do not allow you to water ski on the canals!

Of course, there is more to the Netherlands than just Amsterdam, and once the police let me go, I looked at a map. The map makers had helpfully labelled the better parts of the country, so I got on a train and headed to the part marked ‘Best’. I missed my stop, but undaunted I got off the train in a town called Eindhoven. While it wasn’t ‘Best’, Eindhoven did appear to be pretty good.

In Eindhoven, there is a man called Philip. He seems to own a lot of the buildings there, and has written “Philips” on them so everybody knows they are his. Naturally I wanted to chat to Philip, but nobody was able to tell me how to find him, although everybody told me he was a very kind man.  Fortunately, just before I left,  I found a statue of him, and I took a photo. I waved goodbye to him as I went into the station to get a train to the airport. Maybe it was just my imagination, but I think he might have waved back at me.

I liked the Netherlands and I hope to visit again.