Distressing News

By King Taddle

Normally when I put paw to keyboard it is to write about perplexing human silliness, such as their inappropriate interest in violating each others’ privacy, or the development of a robot that sorts rubbish, but today I have something sad to report.

In Northern Ireland, a part of the world well-known to many Taddleonians, some humans did a terrible thing. Last Saturday, Ronan Kerr a young policeman was going about his day when he was killed in an explosion. Some other humans had decided that it was wrong to be a policeman, and the thing to do was kill him.

Try as I might, I just can’t understand this. The police in Northern Ireland are very like the police in Taddletown. They help you when you are lost, they help you when you are in trouble. They stop other people hurting each other, and they help to keep things in order.

There is no justification for what the Bad Humans did. The thoughts of everyone in Taddletown – cat, dog, fox, rabbit, hedgehog, and all other types of animal – go out to the friends and family of Ronan Kerr, and we urge all of our readers to help the human police in any way they can.