The Money Bunny Column

By Bunny Y’Fule

I was approached by a hen the other day who wanted my advice about where to invest her nest egg. She wanted somewhere safe where it would be looked after without too much risk. I recommended that she invest her money in carrot farms.

For risk-averse investors, carrot farms represent a good investment. The number of rabbits in and around Taddletown is fairly large, and fairly constant. Rabbits like carrots (indeed some of us eat several every day) so there will always be a market for them, and carrot farms will always be profitable.

Lettuce distributors are also a good choice. Again, rabbits eat a lot of lettuce, but it doesn’t last very long after being picked, so the best choice for the investor is not in the lettuce farms themselves, but the companies that distribute the lettuce, taking it from farm to bunny.