Springtime is Here!

By a Taddlegraph Staff Writer

All through Taddleonia, people have been enjoying the fresh spring weather that we have had over the past few days. In the Royal Botanic Gardens, in the grounds of Taddletown Castle, PB lead groups of kittens (and some adults) on nature rambles. Meanwhile, some of the more elderly Taddleonians were seen sitting on deck chairs in the sun, and Constable Roger was seen to replace his helmet with a handkerchief knotted at the four corners.

I had a lovely time. PB carried me on his shoulders because I was too little to walk the whole way. He taught me how to recognise the different types of tree, and which flowers were OK to pick. I picked a bouquet for my mummy. William, tabby kitten

It’s lovely and warm here, I’ll speak to you when I wake up. Tom, Teddy, Rupert, and several other cats in deck chairs all said this, or something very like it.

Do you like it? It’s not really warm enough for it yet, and I will put my helmet back on in a moment. I shouldn’t really take it off when I’m on duty, but it makes the kittens laugh. Constable Roger

Morris Morys, the mayor, managed to arrange a quick concert with the brass band at lunchtime on Friday. He says he is sure there will be more performances in coming weeks, and that requests can be posted to him at the Town Hall.